Friday, October 3, 2014

mary to the rescue

Cosmos, 2014
Crabapples, 2014
Rayon Vert, 2014
The Swan

"... Of course! the path to heaven
doesn't lie down in flat miles.
  It's in the imagination
     with which you perceive
        this world,

and the gestures
   with which you honor it."

Owls and Other Fantasies, Mary Oliver

It was the discussion that held our attention for an hour or so.  As she articulated her feelings about god and the bible and explained how she'd wrestled within the black and white lines of her faith, I saw how she had found love there.  In many ways I was listening to myself-only from ten years earlier.
The mirror was uncomfortable to peer into and I wanted to turn away- but knew I couldn't because we'd just had a discussion about tolerance and she had kindly listened to my views on things.
The kettle of emotions was stirred and all I could think of was Mary Oliver's poem from earlier that morning and hoped she'd understand that while we see things differently, there is beauty in both perspectives.