Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Other than
Super Bowl Sunday,
Valentines Day,
Ground Hog Day,
and Mr. Reporter's birthday,
there is another reason why I love February.

It is the shortest month of the year.
Mr. Hero at Boyd Big Tree Preserve, 2011

Knowing this, I can brace myself
for the inevitable cold that is yet to come
and rest assured
that spring with all of it's buzz and flurry
will be here next month.


Rachael | The Slow-Cooked Sentence said...

I agree! After chewing through January, it's so nice to see February gobbled up quickly. And it's always nice to have a birthday celebration thrown into the mix. More cake, please!

the Lady said...


I love your adjectives, girl! And this family really likes pie (Mr. Reporter and I are going to try our hands at a lemon meringue... but I'm not so sure if my baking skills are up to the task. Maybe Mr. Reporter will be the one to save the day.)

Boquinha said...

What a GREAT February thought! Instead of looking at it as the middle of winter, we can think about spring being right around the corner! I love it! I'm also enjoying this mild winter. :)

BTW, super cute header!!

the Lady said...

Hey Boquinha-

So glad you do. We are enjoying the mildness of this winter as well.
And thanks for the header compliment. It is Mr. Tailor's handiwork.