Friday, January 28, 2011

mr. Tailor in the news

Once Upon a Mattress will be performed this weekend at the YFC theater.   This is the play that Mr. Tailor and Mr. Reporter have been working on for the past two months.  The rehearsals have been grueling but the payoff immense, considering that these two fellas have had a ton of fun and made a bunch of new friends.

Mr. Tailor and a few of his fellow cast members were asked to demonstrate a snippet of the play for Fox43 News-  which was a great honor.  Here is the video:


Their first performance is tonight.  Break a leg, kiddos!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


It's about time Frosty the Snowman had a little competition in this part of the burg.

Meet... mr. Hunk. 

photo taken by Mr. Hero
What  lady Snowman wouldn't swoon over this guy?   I mean, really, how attractive is that old orange nose anyways?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

old and new

I was going through my sock drawer and happened upon this:

There is only one of these.  I didn't like how this turned out - two years ago, and didn't bother to make the other mate.  However, this was a success story because I learned that I could actually make a sock.

This is what just came off the needles:
Monkey by Cookie A. knitted up in
Malabrigo sock yarn-Candombe 

This pattern has a series of yarn overs and ssks to create the lace.   No cabling.
Love how the toes came out. Loved this pattern.
Fun and interesting.  And the yarn...
 a little bit of luxury.

I was reading this post  from the Yarn Harlot and decided to seriously consider the Self-Imposed-Sock Club this year.  The thought of having twelve pairs of hand knit socks by the end of the year sounds just divine.   Six socks to keep and six socks to give away.
But can I do it?  

Me thinks I need to finish my mittens before I decide.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have this thing that I've been meaning to do since September.  But since I knew that I didn't have to do it until February,
I've uh...  been putting it off.
Now it is the end of January and I'm feeling:

weighed down - 10 of 17 thesaurus results

Main Entry:
weigh down
Part of Speech:
bear down, burden, cumber, get down, hold down, oppress, overburden, overload, press, press down, prey on, pull down, sadden, task, trouble, weigh upon, weight, worry

All I really need is just 1 HR.
                                            30 MIN.
                                                      5 MIN.
                                                                1 MIN.
                                                                      5 SEC. to just START

- which I'll do tomorrow... after I've done some necessary things 1st.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

into the library

When I was a teenager, unlike the thespian teenagers I have now, I was quite the introvert.  I attended Payson High School and like most high schools in the country, this school had it's fair share of cliques.  I had my group of friends that I'd hang out with, but for a good majority of the time, my friends knew that they would be able to find me in the library, absorbed in the safety and comfort of a good book.

From it's shelves I learned some pretty practical things- like how to apply make-up from a book written in the '70's (I was the oldest child in my family and somehow didn't have this tutorial from my girlfriends).  I figured that even though the book was old, the information couldn't be that outdated.  So one day, I applied quite a liberal shade of blue to my eyelids in order to "enhance" my green eyes- only to nearly die of mortification when my friend commented that my blue eyeshadow looked nice.  Somehow I knew by the tone of her voice that I had made a serious faux pas.

Other books steered me right, however.  It was there in that little library, that I discovered William Shakespeare's comedies such as A Midsummer Nights Dream and Much Ado about Nothing.  I also fell in love with Willa Cather's My Antonia- which I still cherish to this day, and I was held captive by Theodore Dreiser's An American Tragedy- all 800 pages of it.  This was before the invention of the Internet, Kindle and online bookstores.  When the librarian was the key facilitator to whatever information you needed and master of the card catalog.  By the way, I just loved Payson High's librarians too- just about as much as my teachers.

Which brings me to my next little point.

Hershey Pennsylvania, the tiny town made famous by Milton Hershey and his chocolate factory has another little gem of greater importance (in my humble opinion) - it's library located on Cocoa Ave.  What makes this library so special?  It isn't it's vast array of literary works of fiction and nonfiction nor it's hall of artwork displaying paintings from various local artists. Nor is it the selection of dvd's available for check out- free of charge, that keeps drawing our family back.  No Ma'am.  The jewel of the Hershey library is it's librarian staff.

These remarkable individuals know their regular patrons by name and with smiles on their faces, are always willing to offer their assistance.  Take B. for example.  Being the homeschooling mother that I am, my family quite often checks out twenty or more books at a time.  And with such a large number of books, it is quite easy to lose them or get them in late.  Heck, our family alone has probably built the west wing simply from the funds of our overdue fines.  However, does B. or any of the other librarians make me feel bad about this? No way.

A couple of months ago, I had a fine of about $17 dollars that I had to take care of.  When I called the library to settle my account, I happened to get B. on the line.  She remembered who I was and told me that she knew that I was a "responsible person".  She then told me that if I didn't have time that day to get the over due book in, I could wait until the next morning and return it to the drop box before the library opened- without accruing an additional fine.  I enjoyed talking to her so much, that I actually wanted to pay that fine.  Now that is customer service.

I love buying books online and I've heard that the Kindle is an amazing tool to own.  But when I see that each year library funds are being cut to help balance the state budget, I get a little frightened.  Will the libraries be around for my grandchildren to enjoy?  Will they have the rich experience of knowing people like B., or have the privilege of bringing home books free of charge- limited only by whatever their imagination wishes to hold?

I hope so.  I really, really do.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ET at the post office...

Some people really get annoyed standing in line.  In any line.  Not me.  On some occasions, I've even looked forward to it- because you never know just what you are going to see or hear.
Take yesterday for example.

Needing to mail off the mittens to Global Knit and having other errands to run afterwards, I took Mr. Tailor and Mr. Reporter along for the ride.  We were first in line at the post office and were waiting patiently for a postal clerk to become available when our ears caught wind of one of the conversations that was going on with a particular clerk who is known by the locals to have quite the sense of humor.  The patron, a woman with chin length, greying hair, started talking about the year 2012 and how the Mayan calendar will be finished after 12-12-2012.  She was talking in hushed tones and judging from the reaction on  Mr. Postman's face, she was apparently concerned.  She told him that after that imminent day, there would be no telling what would come next.
His response was that there would be another day.   Then in all seriousness, he started telling her that what she really needed to be worried about was the extra-terrestrials.

At this point, the boys and I couldn't stop ourselves from grinning.  I mean, we were obviously ease dropping, but Mr. Postman didn't seem to mind the audience.  Wishing the lady well, she gathered her things and left with a smile on her face.

Then it was our turn.

Mr. Postman grinned and explained to the boys how he hears all kinds of stuff about this Mayan calendar thing. That they needed to check out Coast to Coast AM on the radio and they would really get a kick out of what they heard there- (anyone else listen ?).  He then told them that they didn't need to worry too much about the extra terrestrials because if they were to line their beds with aluminum foil, they should be shielded just right when the aliens beam down their light to suck them into the spaceship.
Of course Mr. Tailor had to tell him about his friend Jimmy...

But that is another story.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

warm hands

Lately I've been knitting as if all the sheep in the world were going to start hoarding their wool and cause a yarn shortage.  It's probably just an unconscious way to avoid developing SAD ,which I truly believed worked last year when I briefly went insane for a few months and decided to knit up fingerless gloves for all the ladies in my life.
Give me knitting insanity over depression any day.

My latest project has been mittens.  This past week, I've been able to go through several skeins of lonesome yarn from my stash and make these quick mitts that will be sent off to Global Knit.  These really only take a couple hours and are really easy for a beginner.  The pattern is A Quartet of Mittens by Joan L. Hamer which you can obtain from the Mannings   for $4.50 if you so choose.

The two larger mitts would fit a teenager and the small child mitts are from another pattern you can get for free here.

Next project?  Socks... the new Malabrigo Candombe is calling my name.
Winter blues- you don't stand a chance.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

into the woods

As I'm getting older, I am coming to appreciate winter more and more.  I love how it is the season when the earth can rest and regroup as she patiently gathers her energy in preparation for the upcoming year and all the demands that will be placed upon her.

The other day, my friend L'Artista, called up and said that she wanted to go into the woods.   We have both been feeling a little bit unsettled after the frenzy of the Christmas season, and thought that a walk outside would do us and the kids a bit of good.  So we bundled everyone up into their winter gear and headed up the road to Boyd Big Tree Conservation Area State Park.  The hike was breathtaking.  And within mere minutes, the smiles and rosy cheeks were back on everyone's faces... ready to play.  Here are some pics all taken by Mr. Tailor:

Happy winter!


This morning we looked out our window and found a pleasant surprise.
first snowfall

Monday, January 3, 2011


you came today all bound up in your 
lentil grays and maple reds 
taunting to be touched
wanting to be maneuvered effortlessly
 between loops and needles
into stitches of joy
promising a propitious result
if she'd only succumb.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

old man